Features table


Built in rugged construction for operation without maintenance.
All are with vacuum units. All the parts of the machine n contact with the product are built in stainless steel.
Functional and productive, are built in several dimensions, with or without movable plate, and variable length depending on the transformers needs.
They have the following advantages:
minimum space needed.
uniform density of the block.
vertical discharge of the block, ready to be storage.
easy access and control to all instruments.
Walls with small openings allow small beads in high density material.
The mechanism of the discharge door guarantees perfect closing all the time.
The vacuum system offers the following advantages:
material welding at lower pressures, that means lower cycles and best block finishing.
blocks with high recycling percentage and good quality.
production capacity increase because of the stabilization times reduction.
steam consumption decrease.
Minimum residual humidity in the block and decreased storage time.
All the machine operations are controlled by PLC with a digital touchable screen.
process shown on the screen in real time.
The PLC can save in files all the control parameters for each material type.
We also offer cross vaporizations that allows lower cycles, and its inherent advantages.


Datos técnicos
Technical Daten
Donées techniques
Características técnicas
con vacio
with vacuum
mit Vakuum
avec vide
con vuoto
sin vacio
without vacuum
ohne Vakuum
sans vide
senza vuoto
Presión de vapor en la máquina
Steam pressure in the machine
Pression de vapeur dans le machine
Pressione vapore nella macchina
0,5 - 0,7 Kg/cm2
0,7 - 0,9 Kg/cm2
Consumo de vapor
Steam consumption
Consommation vapeur
Consumo vapore
5 Kg/m3
11 Kg/m3
Potencia total instalada
Aggregate power input
Install Potenz
Puissance installe totale
Potenza installata
15 - 37 KW
15 - 22 KW
Consumo de agua
Water consumption
Consommation d´eau
Fabbisogono d´acqua
1 - 12 m3/h
Producción horaria de bloques
Block hourly output
Stundliche Blockproduktion
Production horaire blocs
Produzione oraria blocchi