The ENGINY shape cutting machine type CFM, the EPS block installed over a belt moved with a motor controlled by CNC. The hot cutting wires are installed on a support over a linear motion guides located on a fixed frame, that is moved with a motor controlled by a second CNC. The two axis movement is controlled by CNC driven motors.

The shape cutting machines type CFM have the following main features:

The CAD software is easy to operate and has a very simple learning process. Absolute and incremental coordinates can be used along with the mouse to produce the desired shapes. It can be included a graphic table.
PC, IBM compatible programs for cutting can be made in the board and modified in the machine if needed.
High accuracy of the cut shape, due to the control operation with a CNC, with positioning feedback with encoders. Precision ±0.1 mm.
The cutting speed is defined on each program step and can be modified during the machine operation.
The temperature is regulated by a potentiometer and adjusted constantly by tiristors.
The fans over hot wires assure a higher block cutting speed only limited by the material to be cut.

Mechanical and electrical features:

Built in a rugged and solid construction, with 3 paint layers.
The movable parts over the linear motion guides are made in aluminium.
Brushless servomotors.