For the maximum operation of the EPS mould machines of the latest technology that incorporate vacuum pumps, the water temperature plays a very important rule.

The vacuum pumps need a water temperature between 26-30ºC for the function and the refrigeration of the pumps, to obtain 0,6-0,7 Kg/cm2 vacuum level. The refrigeration of the installed moulds should be done with water at a temperature range between 50-60º, to allow mouldings drying and cooling due to the water vaporization effect that produces to the vacuum in the chambers.

In order to obtain the maximum temperature of the vacuum pumps around 30ºC and at the same time the temperature for the moulds refrigeration around 55ºC, two separated water-feeding systems are recommended. The circuits design, have as basis the discontinuous consumptions on each one of the equipments and the coincidence in time of such consumptions.

The returned water with the condensate steam is done through a common pipe.