The system is composed by the following elements:
Vacuum tank built in carbon steel.
Connection system of the tank to the necessary vacuum pumps.
Feeding water system to each vacuum pump and to the immersion condenser.
Immersion condenser in the inside of the vacuum tank.
Temperature control system of the immersion condenser.
Water extraction pump of the hot water of the immersion condenser with maximum ad minimum water level switch.
Vacuostate of start up/stop for the switch off/on of the vacuum pumps in the automatic or manual operation mode.
Electrical cabinet for the installation control.
The immersion condenser installed on the vacuum tank, assures the vacuum pumps operation at the refrigeration tower temperature, with the smallest energetic consume and less maintenance.
The vacuum pumps operation and other elements are controlled by the PLC. Depending on the vacuum pressure, stop or run them automatically, thus it assures the energy save because it stops the unnecessary vacuum pumps and optimize the vacuum pump installation function.