ENGINY supply EPS/EPP storaging silos units, completely automatic, with the capacity and distribution depending on customer needs.
Galvanized steel structure, easy to assembly and install.
Silos with the following features:
Tissue made of special polyester-nylon material, with antistatic wire sewed.
Zip in the upper part of access to the inside of the silo.
The lower part has cone shape to ease the material outlet.
The upper part of the silo has a filter material, for air evacuation during the filling.
Filling and emptying with galvanized flat pipes, easy to assembly and install.
Control cabinet with the computer, which includes:
Operation of the automatic filling/emptying valves.
Material control in the silos with information about: material, type, real and theory density, filling date/time, emptying date/time, etc. With system we can reach the product trazability, that requires the iso9002 rule for the production control.
Managing the maximum/minimum levels of the silos.
Managing the silos operation.
Viewing in real time of the operation, faciliting the procedures and decisions.