In the left list you will find all the products provided by ENGINY,S.L., simply click over the desired product and will appear on the screen. Every machine built by ENGINY,S.L. accomplish the European Standard Especifications regarding security rules on CE marked.

In our Web page we have not included other complements in detail, for example:

Three way pneumatic valves, used to fill up the silos with EPS/EPP material.
Double or simple pneumatic butterfly valves, used to empty the silos with EPS/EPP material.
EPS distributors used to aspirate the material from storaging silos and connect the molding machines.
Convey pipes, elbows, reducers pipes, etc all the material related to material convey.
Nickrom Cutting wires.

The complements list has no end and we invite you to contact us in case of any material or spare part need for your installation.