Our firm will participate in the next international exhibition K2013, that will be on year 2013 in Düsseldorf (Germany). The K2013 exhibition is the first worlwide exhibition concerning plastics (machinery, raw materials, etc). In the next edition we will show you the latest technology in EPS cutting and also will be able to inform about our EPS/EPP processing solutions. Anyway, if you are interested you will be able to find additional information concerning the exhibition in the following web page: www.k-online.de.


ENGINY,S.L. has supplied one combi contour cutting machine to the belgian company ISOSTAR to produce plates with the system tongue&groove. The system works with two combinated contour cutting machines that works in combination to get a perfect and accurate tongue&groove.


ENGINY,S.L. has supplied one ED3 batch preexpander to the Feroese company LOOKNORTH to expand EPS beads for fish boxes moulding process. The equipment has been supplied with the first expansion and with all the other devices, including the automatic density mesurement.



ENGINY,S.L. has supplied one ED5 batch preexpander to the Belgian company VERPOLA to expand EPS neopor beads for insulation concrete. The equipment has been supplied with the second expansión devices to reach the lowest densities.




ENGINY,S.L. has supplied one complete block production line to the ecuatorian company PLASTRO to produce blocks of 4x1x1 m. The equipment has been supplied with the block mould machine, batch preexpander, contour cutting machine and universal cutting machine.